The objectives of Ege CEVMER are to carry out scientific researches and to develop techniques for solving related problems. Ege CEVMER aims mainly to achieve sustainability in the campus and become a green university. The Centre is a coordination centre for environmental researchers in Ege University. Also; Ege CEVMER is at important point for studying and researching environmental problems of the city. The centre also comprises a Master degree programme, namely “Environmental Science Department”. The department accepts students from diverse study areas related to environment. Thus, the centre works interdisciplinary and collaborates with non-governmental organizations, local governments, industrial enterprises.

TUBITAK supported the project “Green University-Green City Summer School” which was implemented September, 2013. 50 high school students from different cities attended the school. The goals of the project were to explain importance of sustainability to young people and to learn what they can do for a sustainable earth. (

Nature Thresold Analysis, is a project which aims to analysis the nature protected areas and use these datas for sustainable planning in the future.

Ege University Scientific Research Project Fund supports the project “Ege University Integrated Waste Management and Hazardous Wastes Management”. To manage hazardous wastes from laboratory in the campus, to create temporary waste storage areas, to increase the awareness of students and researchers and finally to deliver the wastes a liscenced firm are targeted in the project.