On 25 February 2004, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Spain Ecoembalajes S.A. (ECOEMBES) signed an agreement whereby the Chair-Enterprise ECOEMBES was created, in order to form a framework for both institutions to cooperate in activities of scientific and technological support on issues related to waste management packaging, considering the management in the various areas of development: collection, sorting and selection, recycling and / or recovery applicable for saving materials and conservation of natural resources.

The creation of the Chair has different forms of collaboration, which are to be translated into concrete actions. These procedures laid down in the 2nd Clause Agreement are:
a) Cooperation in training programs
b) Joint participation both nationally and internationally, related logistics collection of packaging and packaging waste management and environmental information services and waste recovery projects.
c) Mutual advice on issues related to the activity of both entities.
d) Mutual agreement for the use of facilities
e) Establishment of a technology observatory in relation to the development of information applications and logistics of separate collection of materials and their recovery
f) To promote entrepreneurship among graduate students supporting the acquisition of knowledge required for this and support the creation of innovative business fabric that can generate added value to R & D.
g) Design and implement programs for R & D + I in the specific field and in the field of
environment for transfer of results to society.