ARCA rules the business incubator of the University of Palermo and supports technology transfer and internationalization of small and medium sized enterprises. Advanced laboratories and business services enable companies to carry out business modeling, pre-industrial development and prototyping activities at competitive costs, in collaboration with qualified experts and researchers, mainly within joint R&D and technology transfer university-enterprise agreements. A specific focus is devoted to business ideas that can contribute to sustainable development.

Member Projects

  1. STS-Med: The aim of the project, financed by the EU ENPI CBCMED program, is to promote the adoption of concentrated solar energy technologies within the Mediterranean basin, supporting the start-up of local supply chains of advanced solar systems;
  2. Netkite: The aim of the project, financed by the EU ENPI CBCMED program, is to develop business ecosystems in Mediterranean regions, promoting tech start-ups in sustainable development sectors;
  3. Posidonia reforestation: ARCA is supporting the implementation of a new patented technology for the cost effective reforestation of damaged submarine fields of Posidonia Oceanica or other plants that are fundamental for the equilibrium of sea ecosystems;
  4. Smilies: Funded by the EU MED program, the project looks for a governance model for Mediterranean islands’ industrial innovation paths  compatible with sustainable development policies and goals;
  5. CreativeMED: CreativeMED integrates the results of previous EU MED projects on creativity and innovation to define a new path, specifically Mediterranean, to facilitate a more effective and sustainable use of European structural funds for regional development.

Areas of Expertise