The mission of CDI is to mobilize people and transform communities through information technology for increased
citizenship and improved quality of life.

Over its 19 years, CDI has developed work promoting digital inclusion in low-income communities; substantially increasing digital access to those previously excluded, by using management and ownership of information technology as a tool for building citizenship. Currently the network is composed of 717 spaces for digital and social inclusion.

Currently, the principal projects of CDI are CDI Mobility, a program developing mobile applications in low-income communities, and CDI School, which aims to integrate technology in the classrooms of public schools and empower teachers to use technology to modernize their classes.

In recent years, CDI has been developing and expanding efforts to tackle the field of socially-oriented business. The organization believes that businesses which prioritize social impacts are at the new frontier of capitalism, combining productivity with a positive impact on society. CDI intends to develop and incubate these initiatives, bringing entrepreneurship as a key element to the sustainable development of low-income communities.