The Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) is dedicated to conserving and maintaining healthy seas and attractive coasts for both people and nature. EUCC advocates best practice by developing coastal and marine policies, mobilising experts and stakeholders, providing advice and information, and implementing demonstration projects. We focus on the sustainable use and development of the coastline and the sea. Here, responsible tourism, sustainable fishery and the use of renewable energy are essential elements. We draw attention to safety and the risks of climate change and we think with other parties about solutions. We also work to strengthen the landscape, the natural compounds for migratory animals and cultural heritage along the coast and at sea. To achieve all this, we continue consultation to achieve sustainable protection and development of coast and sea. But we also set up projects and we contribute to research. With this we keep a close eye to the developments within the European Union. We do not work alone, because we can only achieve our goals by working with our partners, our members and stakeholders involved in coast and sea.