The Center of Operations Rio (COR) integrates departments and utility companies who operate in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in order to reduce response time from private and public actors to events that cause impacts in the city’s routine, to inform and provide advice to the population.

COR coordinates operations for 30 different departments, mostly municipal, but also for utilities companies and for the state level. More than 400 people work at the Center, where a huge amount of data is generated and analyzed to solve daily urban challenges. The COR centralizes images from around 1000 cameras in the city.

The organization, together with the Traffic Engineer Company (Cet-Rio) manages traffic, in order to reduce congestion and the resulting carbon emissions. COR integrates operational capacity with information from departments, scientific research and the enormous amount of data generated every day in the city. We now aim to expand its knowledge base, using Big Data to provide insights and help us develop new public policies, including those related to carbon emissions and resilience. The City has established a new department, called Pensa, which is dedicated to analyzing Big Data and has full access to all data at COR in real time.