Simon Fraser University consistently ranks among the top three Canadian comprehensive universities and engages in world-class research, teaching and development with local and international communities. The west coast of North America has a strong history of sustainable development thinking and practice—the Ecological Footprint concept originated in Vancouver, the same city where Greenpeace was formed in 1971 and where Vancouver’s current Mayor and Council have created a bold new plan to ensure that the City will become the greenest in the world by 2020. The SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD) aims to integrate economic, social and environmental objectives in community development through research, education (credit and non-credit), and community mobilization; it provides research, training and advisory services throughout BC and Canada as well as internationally.

Our international partners include ICLEILocal Environment: the International Journal of Justice and Sustainability; and the Communitas Coalition for Sustainable Cities & Regions in the New UN Development Agenda.

Member Projects

  1. Pando | Sustainable Communities is a multi-lingual online community with a professional focus, where researchers, academics, and public and private-sector practitioners share knowledge, network, and collaborate on sustainability solutions that can be enacted at the community level.
  2. The Centre is currently developing a professional program in Bolivia with the University Andina Simón Bolívar (UASB) – a university with campuses in Sucre and La Paz, and the Asociacion de Promocion y Educacion (AIPE) – a network of 27 Bolivian development organizations that operate in 7 of the country’s 9 regions.

Areas of Expertise