CPD is an independent, values-driven and future-focused public policy institute. Our approach to the future is one driven by purpose, rigour and ambition. We embrace the long-term now.

We work towards an Australia that is equitable, aspirational and truly prosperous – and enlivened by the challenge of shaping a better future at home and abroad.

CPD’s core model is threefold: to create, connect, and convince.
• We create viable ideas from rigorous, cross-disciplinary research at home and abroad.
• We connect experts and stakeholders to develop these ideas into practical policy proposals.
• We work to convince government, business and civil society of the merits of implementing these proposals.
CPD is pluralist. Australia faces increasingly complex challenges for which there is often no ‘right’ answer, whether it is climate change, debt or socio-economic disadvantage. CPD engages with a range of voices and decision-makers, encouraging cross-sectoral debate and collaboration.
Our board, research committee, staff and fellows consist of academics, authors, economists, former advisors and bureaucrats, lawyers, business people, commentators and advocates. Together, we fuel the debate with an eye to solutions, committed to shared prosperity and sustainable wellbeing for all Australians.