The Center’s mission is to continuously expand the frontiers of knowledge contributing to sustainable development in the realm of public administration and business. 

The Center for Sustainability Studies in Getulio Vargas Foundation’s São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP) is an open space for study, learning, reflection, innovation and knowledge production, made up of people from varied backgrounds engaged and committed and with a genuine desire to transform society. GVces works to develop strategies, policies and public and private management tools for sustainability at the local, national and international levels. Its programs are guided by four lines of action: (i) training; (ii) research and knowledge production; (iii) coordination and exchange; and (iv) mobilization and communication.

With about 60 full-time researchers and more than 50 projects in partnership with both government and business, GVces has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field of sustainability, developing an applied research center and creating networks between public and private actors as a way of assisting the development of the sustainability agenda through topics such as: Low Carbon Economy; Indicators for sustainability; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Responsible Investment; Public Policy; Community Relations; Ecosystem services; and Sustainable consumption.