The Center’s mission is to advance students’ creative problem solving skills and developing an advanced, graduate-level workforce that has practical experience in storytelling, applied research, and development in digital strategic communication design. Since the program will work closely with external partners, developed through faculty collaborations and advisory board relationships, the EMDD curriculum and faculty will stay current on business, community and state communication design needs. The Center achieves this through its four core values. 1) Immersive: The university places immersive learning at the center of its education, which fosters student collaboration with faculty, creates a holistic learning environment, and builds a diverse learning environment that embraces public-private partnerships. 2) Innovative: The university wants to be a leader in innovative curriculum, increasing its academic programs and building nationally recognized programs that improve scholarship, and building innovative online and blended programs. 3) Vibrant: The university wants to build innovative, holistic learning environments that place students and faculty at the center of a vibrant community. These programs should create public-private partnerships, foster strong community ties, and build national recognition for the university and the state. 4) Engaged: The university wants to emphasize learning environments that move disciplinary knowledge to practical application to solve problems that engage statewide partnerships, connect academic programs with employers, leverage the university’s knowledge with state business partners, and advance educational reform in Indiana.