The Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research develops – and applies to policy analyses – coupled energy, economy and environmental models. The focus is on identifying and assessing national and global, public and private sector, policies that meet climate targets while simultaneously allowing for sustainable economic growth in developing nations and for improvement of global public health.

Member Projects

  1. Integrated Assessment: Development and testing of a global scale model linking macroeconomies, energy systems, greenhouse gas and air toxics emissions, land use and public health;
  2. ToPDAd: Performing assessments of the impacts of climate change on energy systems and economies, and providing adaptation assessment tools to public and private sector actors;
  3. Carbon CAP: Assessment and design of consumption-based policies for climate mitigation, and assessment of environmental “debts and loans” associated with global trade;
  4. Production Layers in Business:  Development of methods to assess the contribution of different production layers in business to global material and energy use as a means to target interventions for maximum effectiveness;
  5. Future Technology Transformations: Development and application of models of the effect of policies on transformation of national and global energy systems towards significantly reduced carbon emissions.

Areas of Expertise