Rio de Janeiro’s Environmental Exchange BVRio is an institution created to promote the use of market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with environmental laws and to develop the green economy. Through its trading platform, BVTrade, BVRio supports the development of environmental markets throughout Brazil. BVRio won the Katerva’s 2013 Awards (Economy category).

Member Projects

  1. BVRio created a trading platform (BVTrade) for the negotiation of Brazilian environmental assets, assisting the enforcement of environmental laws and the development of the green economy.
  2. BVRio developed a market of Forestry Reserve Credits (CRA) that allows landowners to comply with the forest law.
  3. BVRio developed a market for Conservation Area Offsets, to promote the consolidation of protected areas in Brazil.
  4. BVRio developed the mechanism of Reverse Logistic Credits (plastic, glass, aluminum cans and tyres), promoting the environmental correct disposal of waste and facilitating compliance with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS).
  5. As all the above referred instruments result in significant reductions in GHG emissions, creating climate benefits, BVRio launched a portal for Voluntary Contributions to Climate-friendly Policies (VCCP), which enable individuals to purchase those instruments.

Areas of Expertise