The Center for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy (Istituto di Economia e Politica dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente – IEFE) is the research center of Università Bocconi devoted to energy and environmental studies. The Center’s purpose is to coordinate and conduct applied research using the foremost economic and quantitative analysis techniques in the fields of (a) energy economics, focusing on energy markets as well as on natural resources; (b) environmental economics, focusing both on environmental and climate policies, as well as on environmental management and sustainability of private companies and public entities; and (c) economics of public utilities focusing on energy, water and waste.

Member Projects

  1. Observatory on Green Economy: IEFE Bocconi has recently launched a new Observatory, which aims to be a dialogue platform for institutional and business actors on the main issues related to Green Economy. The initiative has received the patronage of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and of the European Commission’s Milan office;
  2. Coopenergy: Regional and local public authorities cooperating in sustainable energy planning through effective multi-level governance models, Coopenergy is a three-year European funded project (co-funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme) aiming to help regional and local public authorities to develop joint action plans by using Multi-Level Governance agreements.

Areas of Expertise