The Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED) is an Arab network with more than 250 NGOs members from Arab Countries, in North Africa and West Asia. The Arab League has recognized RAED as a representative of the civil society in the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE), as well as the Arab Water Council. RAED aims at developing, improving and coordinating the work of CSOs & NGOs working in the field of Sustainable Development, to tighten bonds of cooperation between them, and enhance their role among different actors.


Member Projects

1. Producing “Montada El-Biah” Monthly Newsletter: RAED has been issuing a monthly newsletter in the name of “Montada El-Biah” for over 20 years. It is considered an excellent tool to ensure exchange of knowledge and experience, in addition to present good practices and successful stories from different countries.

2. H2020-Capacity building / Mediterranean Environment Programme (CB/MEP): RAED is a member of the H2020 CB/MEP consortium, led by University of Athens. RAED is in charge of the Communication Component in this initiative. This initiative aims to de-pollute the Mediterranean by the year 2020 through tackling the sources of pollution that account for around 80% of the overall pollution of the Mediterranean Sea: municipal waste, urban wastewater and industrial pollution.

3. RAED is implementing the “Disasters and Climate Induced Displacement” project, in Egypt and Sudan, in cooperation with Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC). It aims to build national and local partnership between governmental and nongovernmental organizations and thereby strengthen the policy response to climate induced displacement.

4. RAED is implementing the “Conduction of Consumer Field Surveys on Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Four Arab Countries (Palestine – Yemen – Sudan & Mauritania)” project in cooperation with ESCWA.

5. RAED is also in the consortium, as well as implementing the EU funded “Sustainable Water Integrated Management in the Mediterranean” SWIM Programme,that aims to contribute to the effective implementation and extensive dissemination of sustainable water management policies and practices in the Southern Mediterranean Region. RAED, in Cairo, Egypt, is hosting the South Mediterranean Office.

6. ENTIRE: RAED is an equal partner in ENTIRE, which is a 2-years programme funded by European Union’s Non-State and Authorities programme. The main objective is to strengthen the role of civil society organizations in reforms, democratic changes and sustainable development of the water sector in the Southern Mediterranean Region (SMR). It’s in cooperation with The Collective Leadership Institute (CLI), the German Water Partnership (GWP), and the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA).

Areas of Expertise