EcuadorThe Andean Region is comprised of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela; countries with vastly diverse geography, from snow-capped mountains to tropical forests. The region faces a growing number of sustainable development challenges including biodiversity loss, climate change adaptation, food and water security, and rural poverty.

The SDSN Andes was launched in June 2015 at the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) in Quito. Ecuador is the regional coordinating hub for the activities of the network. Ecuador’s Yachay Tech University hosts the Secretariat of the network. Located at the heart of Yachay City of Knowledge, Yachay Tech is a unique Latin American university that combines basic and applied sciences to foster high-quality research and innovation.

The objectives of the SDSN Andes will be to mobilize universities and research centers, and to strengthen cooperation:

  1. Promoting an open dialogue among a variety of sectors of society about the challenges faced by the Andean Region to achieve the SDGs
  2. Mobilizing academia, civil society, business, government, and international organizations to find and implement solutions to the challenges of the region, in a way that contributes to the materialization of the SDGs
  3. Providing science-based decision-making support to governments, communities, and other stakeholders, in their efforts to implement strategies to achieve the SDGs
  4. Spreading solutions initiatives and best practices through publications and media outlets with a national, regional, and global reach
  5. Supporting education on sustainable development in order to enable the future leaders of the region

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