The SDSN Regional Network for the Mediterranean is hosted by the University of Siena (Italy). The University of Siena has long-standing research and project activities in sustainable development with a particular focus on the Mediterranean.

The SDSN Mediterranean will expand its activities to include inter alia:

Regional and National Pathways to Sustainable Development: The Network will develop regional pathways towards sustainable development and assist countries/cities in operationalizing them.

Teaching on Sustainable Development: Institutions in the region can collaborate to develop and improve teaching materials and courses on sustainable development through the SDSN’s education initiatives and in partnership with the Masters of Development Practice.

Applied Research Activities: the focus on solutions will give rise to ideas and opportunities for applied research in the Mediterranean Region, which could take advantage of the global network of the SDSN.

Institutions interested in joining the regional SDSN should send requests to the University of Siena.