The national SDSN for Spain was formally launched in Madrid in January 2015. It strives to promote the sustainable development of Spain mainly in the local, regional and national levels. The network in Spain is named Red Española para el Desarrollo Sostenible (REDS).

In particular, REDS has the following objectives:

  • to foster the debate on sustainable development within Spanish academia, society and politics
  • to promote practical solutions for sustainable development within Spain
  • to link Spanish expertise to the global SDSN, mainly in four areas: energy, biodiversity, water and gender
  • to support cooperation among SDSN Spain members and to foster exchange with Spanish business, politics and society.

REDS is chaired by Miguel Angel Moratinos, former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Leadership Council of REDS comprises members from politics, academia and civil society.

The Spanish network of SDSN is hosted by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Learn more about its objectives, structure, and activities.