The Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) has been established to propose the official set of SDG indicators. SDSN supports the work of the group, including through publications:

This short briefing for the IAEG-SDGs presents recommendations for disaggregating data for SDGs indicators.

First published as a blog post, this note addresses several questions: first, how to design an SDG indicator framework that works at global, regional, national, and thematic levels? Second, how can the use of multi-purpose indicators promote the integration of the Agenda 2030 and limit the number of needed indicators? And finally, how can data be disaggregated and made available annually to support countries in using the SDGs and their targets as management tools for pursuing sustainable development?

This short piece outlines the SDSN suggestions for five practical next steps for the IAEG-SDGs to deliver an operational and universal SDG indicator framework.

This note summarizes key lessons learned by the SDSN on the conceptual framework, as well as principles for selecting a concise set of global monitoring indicators. It is accompanied by the issue brief below on inter-linkages.

This note outlines means for identifying inter-linkages between targets and for developing multi-purpose indicators that track two or more targets across goals. We propose a pragmatic approach to the question of inter-linkages by looking at the dimensions of sustainable development with shared measurement approaches, which will not only encourage cross-sectoral monitoring and collaboration, but will help to reduce the total number of indicators. This note is accompanied by a complete database that illustrates our proposed multi-purpose indicators.