Icons from Counting on the World series

TReNDS, SDSN’s Thematic Research Network on Data and Statistics, is sharing a preview of the upcoming report Counting on the World to Act (September 2019). Counting on the World to Act details the sea change needed in modern statistical systems in order to support the world’s greatest needs. Specifically, the report is addressed to the international and national stakeholders with the responsibility – and power – to support the Sustainable Development Goals, the cross-cutting efforts that must be achieved in the next 10 years for the world’s people, this one planet we have, and our ongoing prosperity. 

Counting on the World to Act is a follow-up to 2017’s Counting on the World and will be officially released in September 2019.

The executive summary outlines four building blocks for robust, inclusive and relevant national data systems:

  • Strong leadership and governance with an empowered national statistician or relevant national data coordinator who is open and enabled to collaborate with third parties, and is actively encouraging a more inclusive international statistical system

  • Common principles, standards, and policy frameworks to ensure data comparability and the capacity to integrate data from different sources, as well as a supportive environment for collaboration

  • An open, user-centric system that actively supports public and private data demands, collaboration, and innovation at the local, national, and international levels

  • A robust funding model that ensures the long-term production of the vital data we need to manage progress towards sustainable development

You can read the executive summary hereFor more on the executive summary and the upcoming report, visit sdsntrends.org/countingon.