Welcome to SDSN’s November 2018 Newsletter!

Launch of SDSN France Network 
The SDSN France network launched on 13 November in Paris with over 150 professors and researchers, institutional actors, and members of civil society in attendance. The network aims to identify solutions to facilitate economic, energy, and social transitions in France, using the SDG framework.

SDG Center of Excellence for the Arab Region Launched 
On 18 November, The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), in collaboration with SDSN, launched the SDG Center for the Arab Region (SDGCAR). The EDA aims to build the SDGCAR as a center of training and research with a specific focus on regional challenges and solutions to achieve the SDGs.

Italian Cities SDG Index Published 
SDSN Italia hosted a conference entitled “For a Sustainable Italy: Local Leadership as a Driver for Sustainability” where the first Italian Cities SDG Index was launched. The event and index stressed the importance of local actors in achieving the SDGs.

New Case Studies Released by SDSN TReNDS 
SDSN TReNDS and the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data released three new case studies detailing the return on investment for data interventions. The new reports feature the New Zealand census, the Living Standards Measurement Survey, and sensor-based data collection through the Smart Handpump project.

SDSN Youth Hosts Vatican Youth Symposium 
The 2018 Vatican Youth Symposium, which was jointly convened by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) and SDSN Youth, brought together youth entrepreneurs, activists, and innovators for training in global development. The theme was “Youth Leadership for Integral Human Development: Laudato Si’ and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

SDSN in the Media

Lan Xue et al.: How do low-carbon policies promote green diffusion among alliance-based firms in China? An evolutionary-game model of complex networks, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, China – November 8, 2018

Hirokazu Yoshikawa et al.: Measuring early learning and development across cultures: Invariance of the IDELA across five countries., Developmental Psychology – November 8, 2018

Jeffrey Sachs: Financing International Cooperation, Project Syndicate – November 27, 2018

Upcoming SDSN Events

Launch of SDSN USA
Organized by SDSN USA & SDSN
4 December | New York, USA

Organized by UNFCCC
3-14 December | Katowice, Poland

Low-Emission Solutions Conference at COP24
Organized by SDSN, ICLEI, WBCSD with support from Enel
10-11 December | Katowice, Poland

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Other News and Events

  • SDSN co-hosted a conference on “The SDGs and the Future of Europe” on 15 October followed by a public dialogue event hosted by SDSN Germany to discuss SDG implementation in Europe.
  • SDSN Director Jeffrey Sachs launched the Australian component of the Food and Land-Use Coalition (FOLU), including the FABLE Consortium, at SDSN Aus/NZ/Pac host institution, Monash University.
  • SDSN launched an SDG Costing Group, co-chaired by the IMF, the OECD DAC, and SDSN, to clarify the funding needs, gaps, and financing strategies necessary to achieve the SDGs. For more information, please contact Taylor Smith.
  • SDSN member Gaia Education’s Ecological Design online course starts on 14 January and will look at sustainability from a design perspective.
  • The SDSN’s policy brief series on achieving SDG 3 is now available in Spanish: Logrando el ODS 3: Informe Sobre Análisis de Políticas 2018.
  • SDSN Director Jeffrey Sachs visited Melbourne, Australia where he delivered a public lecture hosted by Monash University and SDSN Australia, New Zealand & Pacific, among other activities.
  • Community Systems Foundation’s OpenCities Institute – a grantee of the SDSN TReNDS Local Data Action Solutions Initiative – is part of a new, 3-month traveling exhibition to promote action on the SDGs.
  • SDSN’s Jessica Espey and Leadership Council Member Aromar Revi contributed to the Urban 20 meeting with a white paper on Translating Global Vision into Local Reality.

SDSN is Hiring

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