Welcome to SDSN’s August 2017 Newsletter!

First-Ever ‘U.S. Cities SDG Index’ Ranks American Cities Based on Sustainability 
SDSN released the first ever U.S. Cities SDG Index which ranks the 100 most populous U.S. cities, using Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), based on their performance on the SDGs. A list of the global media coverage is available here.

SDSN Malaysia has Published the Second Edition of Rising to the Challenge 
The book showcases promising initiatives that align the SDGs with the country’s current development plan, the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (2016-2020). The featured initiatives were selected based on their impact, scalability, and transferability, as well as their contribution and relevance to the Eleventh Malaysia Plan and the 17 goals.

New SDG Academy Course! How do we future-proof the global economy? 
Sustainable development is the investment our global economy needs to weather geopolitical instability now and in the future. Learn why in the new SDG Academy course, Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet, from Professor Jeffrey Sachs and former Minister of Finance of Chile Dr. Felipe Larraín. The course begins 20 September – enroll today!

Call for Proposals: 2018 IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference 
SDSN and the other partner organizations of the IPCC’s “Cities and Climate Change Science Conference: Fostering new scientific knowledge for cities based on science, practice and policy” are pleased to announce a call for proposals for sessions and abstracts. The conference aims to inspire the next frontier of research focused on the science of cities and climate change. Submission deadline 6 October.

SDSN in the Media

Aromar Revi: Next Month, a key opportunity for the UN to re-imagine the global response to an urban world, CitiScope – August 22, 2017

Jeffrey D. Sachs et al.: A multi-religious consensus on the ethics of sustainable development: reflections of the Ethics in Action initiative, Economics – August 21, 2017

Johan Rockström et al.: Closing the loop: Reconnecting human dynamics to Earth System science, The Anthropocene Review – August 14, 2017

Ester Bloom quotes Jeffrey D. Sachs: The happiest countries in the world also pay a lot in taxes, CNBC – August 9, 2017

Jeffrey D. Sachs: Big money is behind decarbonization. We don’t need politicians, Boston Globe – August 3, 2017

Justin Yifu Lin and Yan Wang: Patient Capital in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), The World Financial Review – August 1, 2017

George Papandreou and Jordan Shapiro: An Ancient Education for Modern Democracy and Global Citizenship, Skills for a Changing World – August 2017

Laurence Tubiana: Why the Paris Convention Works, CorrectTV – July 28, 2017 (German and English)

Shahid Naeem: Nature’s nature is not random, Science – July 28, 2017

Upmanu Lall et al.: Pursuing water security, Water Security – July 27, 2017

James Hansen et al.: Young people’s burden: requirement of negative CO2 emissions, Earth System Dynamics – July 18, 2017

Johan Rockström et al.: Emergence of a global science–business initiative for ocean stewardship, PNAS – July 14, 2017

Upcoming SDSN Events

Launch of SDSN Greece
7 September | Athens, Greece

3rd SDSN Mediterranean Solutions Conference
8 September | Athens, Greece

WEBINAR: Land and the SDGS
18 September | New York, USA

United Nations Private Sector Forum
18 September | New York, USA

Concert for a Sustainable Planet
18 September | New York, USA

ICSD 2017
18 – 20 September | New York, USA

UN General Assembly
19 -22 September | New York, USA

Amazon Day
19 September | Livestream

Navigating the Data Revolution: TReNDS Annual Learning Session
19 September | New York, USA

Conference on the Global Pact for the Environment
20 September | New York, USA

Low-Emissions Solutions Conference (LESC)
20 September | New York, USA

Make SDGs Happen through Integrated Thinking
20 September | New York, USA

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Other News and Events

  • SDSN member Gaia Education, along with UNITAR and the University of Strathclyde, is launching the third edition of the Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development e-learning programme. Sign up now to join the 8 week course starting on 6 September 2017.
  • The SDSN Andean Network released their spring workshop reportoutlining how multi-stakeholder workshops can lead to SDG progress.
  • In a new blog, SDSN TReNDS member Tom Moultrie (UCT) asks who might be left behind with the SDGs.
  • Congratulations to Fundación Amazonas Sustentable (FAS), host of the SDSN Amazon, recently named one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil! The full list is available online (in Portuguese).
  • UN’s top climate change official and SDSN Leadership Council member Patricia Espinosa briefed embassies in Berlin regarding COP23.
  • SDSN Leadership Council member James Hansen discusses Obama’s environmental record, scientific reticence, and his climate lawsuit against the federal government.
  • Rhein-Neckar-Seitung interviews SDSN Leadership Council member Martin Visbeck about the effects of climate change on our oceans (in German).
  • SDSN Nigeria hosted the 8th annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) with the theme, “How can African societies develop in a just and safe way within the planet’s boundaries?” with nearly 1000 participants.
  • The Land Portal Foundation and the SDSN Thematic Network on the Good Governance of Extractive and Land Resources announced an upcoming blog series on land-related SDGs in an effort to raise global awareness of these issues. For more information, please contact Neil Sorensen at neil.sorensen@landportal.info.
  • SDSN Leadership Council Member Patricia Espinosa was named as one of the 200 most influential philanthropists and social entrepreneurs by Rise.