Welcome to SDSN’s June 2017 Newsletter!

Recent Open Data Meeting Aims to Open Minds 
On 17 June, SDSN’s Thematic Network on Dataand the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data gathered leading world experts, government representatives, and practitioners to discuss the challenges of establishing multi-stakeholder partnerships to produce data for the Sustainable Development Goals.

On 22 June, SDSN Nigeria held a high-level forum for religious leaders on the SDGs, including representatives from the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, the Christian Association of Nigeria, and more.

SDG Academy MOOCs: Climate Action, Oceans, and Cities
SDG Academy invites students to join three live courses: Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing PlanetOne Planet – One Ocean, and Sustainable Cities. Enrollment is ongoing and there is still time to catch up. Join these free online courses today!

SDSN is Recruiting in New York and Paris
We have the following open positions:
New York: Associate Director, Head of Office; Program Manager, SDG Academy; Communications and Digital Media Manager, SDG Academy.
Paris: Manager, SDG Index; Analyst, SDG Index; Manager, FABLE (Major food and land-use pathways initiative); and Associate, FABLE.


SDSN in the Media

Johan Rockström, et al.: Three years to safeguard our climate, Nature – 28 June, 2017

Jeffrey Sachs: America can save $1 trillion and get better health care, CNN – 27 June, 2017

Johan Rockström: Without oceans, temperatures would be 36 degrees higher (in German), Klimaretter.Info – 5 June, 2017

Juan Diego Salas: Decarbonization in the USA Is ‘unstoppable,’ says Christiana Figueres (in Spanish), Ameliarueda – 5 June, 2017

Jane Lubchenco et al.: Marine reserves can mitigate and promote adaptation to climate change, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – 5 June, 2017

Cynthia Rosenzweig et al.: Next generation agricultural system models and knowledge products: Synthesis and strategy, Agricultural Systems – 2 June, 2017

Adolf Kloke-Lesch: Germany a torch bearer of sustainable development (in German), Deutschlandfunk – 2 June, 2017

Anthony Annett: Climate of Folly: Why Are Catholic Politicians Backing Trump on Paris?, Commonweal – 2 June, 2017

Shahid Naeem: Biodiversity moves beyond counting species, Nature.com – 31 May, 2017

Adolf-Kloke Lesch: Political parties: weakness of the sustainability architecture (in German), Euractiv – 29 May, 2017

Cynthia Rosenzweig et al.: Coping with Higher Sea Levels and Increased Coastal Flooding in New York City, Climate Change Management – 28 May, 2017

Tarja Halonen et al: Realisation of human rights to health and through health, The Lancet – 27 May, 2017

Amina J. Mohammed: Mobilizing the global community to achieve SDG 14, UN Chronicle – 26 May, 2017

Martin Visbeck: The sea is under stress (in German), Detector – 23 May, 2017

Cynthia Rosenzweig et al.: Representing water scarcity in future agricultural assessments, Anthropocene – 20 May, 2017

Feike Sijbesma: Climate action as business opportunity (video), Innovate4climate – 11 May, 2017

Adolf Kloke-Lesch et al.: G20 and Africa – Ready for a Steady Partnership?, G20 Insights – 11 May, 2017

Martin Visbeck et al.: Facts and figures about our dealings with the ocean (in German), Meeratlas – 10 May, 2017

Upcoming SDSN Events

SDG Academy Webinar: Meet Our Leaders: Achim Dobermann
6 July, 12-1 PM EST | Facebook livestream @sdgacademy.org

Launch of the 2017 SDG Index and Dashboards
7 July | Hamburg, Germany

Africa Launch of SDG Index and Dashboards
11 July | Kigali, Rwanda

SDG Solutions Conference
12 July | Kigali, Rwanda

Launch of the SDG16 Data Initiative Global Report
13 July | New York, USA

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Other News and Events

  • Future Earth produced a report, The Contribution of Science in Implementing the SDGs, summarizing several conferences that addressed the role of science in policymaking and highlighting opportunities for action and research.
  • IEEP and IDDRI are looking for stakeholders to take part in the project “Agriculture Net Zero”, which launches a stakeholder-led process on mitigation and adaptation of European agriculture.  For more information please write to Ben Allen: Ballen@ieep.eu.
  • Six members of the Data for Sustainable Development Thematic Network have been named to leadership roles of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.
  • SDSN Leadership Council member Johan Rockström will speak at The Stockholm Act, which brings together leaders in art, science, business, and politics in the name of sustainability this August.
  • BMZ Director and SDSN Leadership Council member Dr. Ingolf Dietrich spoke about the impacts of the SDGs on financial cooperation at KfW’s Development Forum.
  • Johan Rockström received Sweden’s Green Party Congressional prize.
  • Unilever CEO and SDSN Leadership Council member Paul Polman joinedtop Belgian CEOs to exchange ideas on sustainable development.
  • The international Governors and NZ Trustees of the Hillary Institute of International Leadership selected Johan Rockström as their global Hillary Laureate for 2017.
  • Become a certified regenerative development practitioner with SDSN member Gaia Education’s ‘Design for Sustainability’ online program.
  • SDSN member CCSI launched the final version of their report How Oil and Gas Companies Can Help Meet the Global Goals on Energy and Climate Change, which includes input from the SDSN network.
  • KLIMOS and SDSN member CEBioS published a study proposing improved integration of biodiversity in environmental impact assessment during development cooperation.