As organizations recommit to the challenges of sustainable development, one critical pathway on which both public and private stakeholders agree is the need to embrace data and technology. Data is crucial for monitoring progress, for making the best evidence-based decisions, and for creating meaningful feedback loops. It is also, increasingly, becoming an avenue for varied stakeholders to work together.

Partnerships are driving the field of data for sustainable development. From the formation and active growth of Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, to the countless data collaboratives and pilot partnerships that have emerged since 2015, it is clear strategic and innovative collaboration hold the most promise for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. SDSN’s expert Thematic Network on Sustainable Development Data has played an active role convening discussions on the potential and the limitations of data partnerships to meet the goals. Reflecting on the lessons in the seminal 2014 A World that Counts report, building off the declarations of the 2017 Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data, and considering lessons from its first year of Data Solutions Initiatives, SDSN will be releasing a report in 2017 on the merits of partnership models for the goals.

Join SDSN as we host an intimate and far-reaching discussion between experts from SDSN’s Thematic Network on Sustainable Development Data and leaders from the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. The event is to be held at Columbia University in anticipation of the release of the Data Thematic Network’s flagship report and is open to the public.

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