Welcome to SDSN’s October 2016 Newsletter!

US Cities Sustainable Development Goals Indexsdg11
SDSN has launched the preliminary version of the US Cities Sustainable Development Goals Index for public consultation. We’re seeking suggestions on the metrics and methodology and invite you to participate. This index ranks the 124 most populous cities in the US (measured as Metropolitan Statistical Areas) and covers roughly 70% of the population. This SDG index synthesizes data available today across 46 indicators and is our latest work to measure progress on the SDGs.

Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Investment in Resourcesindustry-sunrise-clouds-fog-39553-large-637x325
The 11th Annual Columbia International Investment Conference, of which SDSN is a partner, will take place on November 2-3 at Columbia University. The conference addresses the question of how natural resource investments can be made sustainable in the age of climate change.

Enroll in The SDG Academy’s Sustainable Cities Coursesustainable-cities-course
The SDG Academy is proud to launch its Sustainable Cities course on urban sustainability and SDG #11 on November 15. Dr. Aromar Revi, Director of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements and a member of SDSN’s Leadership Council, will lead the course and answer questions during a live one-hour webinar on November 7. Submit your questions beforehand to sdgacademy@unsdsn.org.

Disaster Preparedness Survey – Contribute Todaydisaster-preparedness
The National Center for Disaster Preparedness at the Earth Institute has weighed in on the devastation left behind by Hurricane Matthew, highlighting the need to better understand the global state of disaster preparedness. As part of this process, the Center has partnered with the SDSN to launch the Global Disaster Preparedness Survey. Please take the brief survey to help us better inform disaster preparedness efforts.

SDSN Youth Symposium at the Vaticansdsn-youth-vatican-symposium
The Vatican Youth Symposium on October 30-31 brought together dozens of SDG youth advocates from around the world. These young leaders met in Vatican City to present, propose and pick winning SDG-oriented solutions. These solutions will be featured in the Youth Solutions Report and at SDSN’s Low-Emissions Solutions Conference during COP22.

SDSN in the Media

Jeffrey Sachs: India in UNSC: Quest for permanent foothold, Daily Pioneer – Oct 23, 2016

Siamak Sam Loni: Cities Of The Future: Why We Need Young People To Help Transform Their Communities, Huffington Post – Oct 20, 2016

Glenn Denning: Gene Editing Shifts Food Possibilities Forward, Popular Science – Oct 19, 2016

Jeffrey Sachs: We Need a Victory of Ideas, Says Jeffrey Sachs On Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, The Wire – Oct 18, 2016

Jeffrey Sachs: The truth about trade, The Boston Globe – Oct 17, 2016

Jeffrey Sachs, Guido Schmidt-Traub, Jim Williams: Pathways to Zero Emissions. Nature Geoscience. Oct 17, 2016

K Srinath Reddy et al.: The next WHO Director-General’s highest priority: a Global Treaty on the Human Right to Health, The Lancet – Oct 13, 2016

K Srinath Reddy: Global Burden of Disease Study 2015 provides GPS for global health 2030, The Lancet – Oct 8, 2016

Hirokazu Yoshikawa et al.: Nurturing care: promoting early childhood development, The Lancet – Oct 4, 2016

James Hansen et al.: Young People’s Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions, Earth System Dynamics Discussions – Oct 4, 2016

James Hansen: Climate Scientist James Hansen: We aren’t doing nearly enough to slow climate change, ThinkProgress – Oct 4, 2016

Jeffrey Sachs: New York City Accelerates Emissions Reduction Goals, Climate Central – Oct 2, 2016

Jeffrey Sachs: Facing up to income inequality, Boston Globe – Oct 2, 2016

Johan Rockström et al.: Social-ecological resilience and biosphere-based sustainability science, Ecology and Society – Oct 2016

Paul Collier and Patricia Jones: Transforming Dar es Salaam into a City that Work – Oct 2016

Achim Dobermann: Putting the Sustainable Development Goals into Practice, in: Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st Century – Oct 2016

Celia J. Gomez and Hirokazo Yoshikawa: A community psychology approach to structure and culture in family interventions, American Psychological Association – Sep 26, 2016

Upcoming SDSN Events

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COP22 Low-Emissions Solutions Conference
14 – 16 November, Morocco
SDSN, WBCSD, ICLEI and the Governemnt of Morocco

World Science Day for Peace and Development
10 November

SDSN Greece Launch
11 November

Other News and Events

  • SDSN Youth launched their Local Pathways Fellowship at Habitat III in Quito, an initiative to empower youth globally in materializing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda.
  • SDSN published a video on the correlation between the SDG Index and the World Happiness Report data entitled “What do the top 10 happiest countries in the world have in common?”
  • The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research distributed an online survey on “Social tipping points instrumental for decarbonization by 2050.”
  • Katerina Teksoz, Senior Research Economist at SDSN, spoke at the Sustainable Development Transition Forum on October 25-27 in Korea, which included over 100 participants from governments, UN Agencies, think tanks, development banks and academic institutions.
  • Leadership Council member Martin Visbeck presented the EU H2020 Project Atlantos, ‘Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System’, at the 3rd Conference on Research Infrastructures in Cape Town on October 3-5.
  • Leadership Council member Prince Albert II of Monaco spoke about raising awareness on marine protection issues at the International Atomic Agency’s 2016 Scientific Forum.
  • Professor Jeffrey Sachs spoke at the Business in the Community Ireland’s CEO Breakfast Forum on October 25 about how business leaders can take action to implement the SDGs.
  • On October 18 an environmental partnership was announced between the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Basel Zoo to localize progress on the SDGs in Switzerland.
  • The World in 2050 project is underway. The project is designed to unite science and policy and develop pathways to assist leaders working on the SDGs.
  • Professor Jeffrey Sachs was awarded the UCD Ulysses Medal for helping achieve the SDGs.
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