Pictured above are the Special Representatives of the SDG Advocates at a meeting at Columbia University on 23rd April.

On Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd, SDSN hosted a gathering of some of the UN Secretary’s SDG Advocates and their special advisers at Columbia University. Amongst the party were the actor Forest Whitaker (also UN Special Envoy for Peace and Security), Ambassador Dho Young-Shim (a former MDG Advocate and Chairperson of the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) Foundation), and Professor Jeffrey Sachs (Director, SDSN). The two day meeting provided an opportunity for the Secretary General’s high-level group and their representatives to identify common priorities, as well as political and public opportunities to amplify and champion the SDG Agenda. The SDG Advocates have a pivotal role to play, broadening awareness of the SDGs and sustaining momentum around implementation. The group will do much to promote specific approaches, projects and initiatives, as well as to build awareness of the SDGs, through strategic communications and events. More information on the SDG Advocates is available here.