News from the SDG Indicator Process
On October 26-28, the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDG) convened in Bangkok for their second meeting on the SDG indicator selection. The SDSN participated in this meeting and has prepared several inputs for the work of the IAEG-SDG, including a new short briefing entitled Leaving No One Behind: Disaggregating Indicators for the SDGsread more»

SDSN Director Receives Blue Planet Prize
On October 15, Jeffrey Sachs received the Blue Planet Prize with Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta at the 24th Blue Planet Prize Ceremony in Tokyo, Japan. The prize is presented each year to two individuals or organizations worldwide to recognize major efforts to solve global environmental problems. Sachs delivered a commemorative lecture on “Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Development” (watch). read more»

Agricultural Pathways Project Convenes in NY
On October 8-9, the country teams for SDSN’s National Transformation Pathways for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems solutions initiative met in New York to discuss the adoption of the SDGs, how to bring additional stakeholders into the process, and research methodology. Country teams from China, Uruguay, and the United Kingdom also shared their models, targets, and draft pathways. This event was co-hosted by the SDSN, Rothamsted Research, and IDDRI. read more»

News from the Deep Decarbonization Pathway Project
The Wuppertal Institute and the German SDSN launched the German Deep Decarbonization Pathway Project report to Members of Parliament and experts at an event held in Berlin on October 13. The project was also presented at the 2015 Chatham House Climate Change conference. The full 2015 DDPP report will be released before the COP21 in Paris starting on November 30, 2015. read more»

Getting Started with SDGs in Colombia
SDSN participated in a workshop on getting started with the SDGs in Colombia from October 18-22, 2015, organized by Philipp Schönrock and Priscilla Miranda at CEPEI. Discussions focused on how to translate the complex agenda into a workable plan, how to “localize” the agenda to cities and sub-regions, and how to build a robust set of national indicators and a monitoring system. Lessons are summarized in a brief entitled “Getting Started with the SDGs: Emerging questions from the first 30 days of SDG implementation in Colombia” by Jessica Espey, SDSN Associate Director. read more»

SDSN in the Media

Anthony Annett: Bishops of the World Unite on Climate ChangeCommonweal, October 26

Guido Schmidt-Traub: Orchestrated Action – what the SDGs mean for businessSalterbaxter MSLGROUP’s 2015 Directions Report, October 2015

Global Partnership Uses Data to Fight Ebola, Halt FloodingFutureStructure, October 20

Making a Global Impact in Education: An Interview With Karl Mehta, CEO of EdCastHuffington Post, October 13

How can companies integrate sustainable development goals?The Guardian, October 12

Adolf Kloke-Lesch: Vom Ergebnis her denken (German) – Frankfurter Rundschau, October 8

UN’s Development Goals Should Inspire TechnologistsMIT Technology Review, October 5

Mayor Betsy Hodges: Minneapolis is among cities pope asks to help combat climate changeStarTribune, October 2

A Fish Called DevelopmentProject Syndicate, October 1

Johan Rockström: Leaving Our Children NothingProject Syndicate, September 30

Christiana Figueres: Let’s Go Climate Neutral Now!Huffington Post, September 30

Upcoming SDSN Events

News from Our Partners

  • On November 6, the United National University (UNU) will host a special symposium on “Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” in Tokyo, Japan. Details here.
  • Bob Chen, Co-chair of the SDSN Thematic Network on Data for Sustainable Development, and Guido Schmidt-Traub, SDSN Executive Director, presented at the 2015 Abu Dhabi Eye on Earth Summit.
  • A new resource produced by Data2X and Open Data Watch (with input from SDSN’s Data Thematic Network co-chair Shaida Badiee) entitled “Ready to Measure: Twenty Indicators for Monitoring SDG Gender Targets” references SDSN’s costing work in its working paper on “Data for Development: A Needs Assessment for SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development.”
  • Lauren Barredo, Achim Dobermann, and Rebecca Nelson, Manager and Co-chairs of the SDSN’sThematic Network on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, respectively, led a workshop café on the importance of the SDGs in improving global food security at the 2nd International Conference on Global Food Security. Dobermann and Nelson also chaired sessions on Sustainable Intensification: Improving Crop-Soil Systems and Health and Nutritional Consequences of Environmental Change.
  • On October 27, SDSN Director Jeffrey Sachs joined Matthieu Ricard for a discussion on “Altruism, Ethics, and the Global Economy” at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.
  • On October 22, in Santander, Spain, LC member and Chair of SDSN Spain, Miguel Ángel Moratinos, and María Cortés Puch, Program Leader of National and Regional SDSNs, presented SDSN’s work to the Sustainable Development Commission of the CRUE, the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities. More information is available in Spanish here.
  • On October 19, Monash Sustainability Institute, SDSN Australia/PacificSDSN Youth and partners organized an event entitled “People, planet and prosperity: Why the UN Sustainable Development Goals matter for Australia” in Melbourne. Read more.
  • On October 6, a workshop was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, to examine how energy efficiency in commercial buildings across Australia and Indonesia could be improved. The project is led byClimateWorks Australia, in partnership with the Institute of Technology Bandung, the Green Building Council of Indonesia, the Jakarta Property Institute, and SDSN Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Australia/Pacific. Read more.
  • On September 28, SDSN Sahel Chair Prof. Bouna Niang chaired a workshop on “Emergence and sustainable development,” co-organized by UNDP and the NGO Action 2015, held in Dakar, Senegal.
  • The September 2015 Report of the Secretary-General on women and peace and security specifically highlighted the importance of and the need to better support and strengthen mechanisms like the Women’s Situation Room (an SDSN Solutions Initiative), which is an innovative mediation and electoral violence mitigation project. Click to read SDSN’s recent Issue Brief on this topic.
  • Ashoka, the largest global network of social entrepreneurs, and C&A Foundation have launched the Fabric of Change challenge to identify and support innovative solutions for a fair and sustainable apparel industry. The deadline to enter the Challenge is November 18, 2015.

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