On June 7-10, 2015, the Global Association of MDP Programs (MDP) hosted the MDP Program Directors, students and alumni from all around the world at the Seventh Annual Summit at  Sciences Po in Paris, France.

The SDSN and Global Association of MDP Programs work closely on a number of projects:

  1. SDSNedu and Global Association of MDP Programs run a successful Global Classroom for an accredited, blended learning course in the Foundations of Sustainable Development. A taskforce will extend this cooperation into courses on Planetary Boundaries, Health and Human Rights, among others.
  2. The SDSN and Global Association are hosting the 3rd Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development in New York on September 23-24, on the eve of the UN SDG Summit. All students, faculty, and researchers are encouraged to register at http://ic-sd.org/.
  3. SDSN Youth and the MDP Student & Alumni Advisory (SAAC) council will work together to recruit young people into the MDP programs to ensure we have educated and motivated development professionals for implementing the SDGs.
  4. There is a sizable overlap in the membership of the SDSN and MDP Global; all SDSN members are encouraged to set up an MDP program and all MDP members are encouraged to join the SDSN.