On June 1-3, 2015, the SDSN hosted a professional training program for the managers of seven National and Regional SDSNs and four members of SDSN Youth at the Columbia Global Center in Paris. This program is the result of SDSN’s collaboration with GIZ and delved into topics such as the assessment of needs, network management, and outreach strategies for the SDSN Networks. The managers from the following networks participated in this workshop and subsequently joined the Leadership Council meeting on June 4-5: Australia/Pacific SDSN, South Asia SDSN, Turkey SDSN, Mediterranean SDSN, Amazon SDSN. The Sahel SDSN and Great Lakes SDSN will be joining next edition of this workshop.

Among the side activities organized around this training program, the managers met with Professor Jeffrey Sachs to discuss Network activities, challenges, and opportunities, with emphasis on SDGs sensitization workshops for national governments.