On April 16, 2015, Dr. Eduarda La Rocque, President of Pereira Passos Institute (IPP) of Rio de Janeiro, one of the four anchor institutions of the Brazil SDSN, participated in a panel at the 2015 Skoll World Forum for social entrepreneurs.

The panel entitled “The Great Paradigm Shift” examined the need to move away from an economic focus and measure achievement against social development outcomes, rather than measuring money spent. In discussing the Social Progress Index, an aggregate index that measures progress against the three dimensions of Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing and Opportunity, there was agreement that in order to make real improvements in people’s lives, this information needs to guide policies and investments.

Presenting the public management perspective, Dr. La Rocque emphasized the importance of qualified and shared information to fuel transformation. This is an area of expertise in the IPP, which uses qualified data to inform the development and implementation of government programs in Rio de Janeiro slums.

During her presentation, Dr. La Rocque presented Rio’s Pact (Pacto do Rio), a network of public, private, academic, non-governmental and community groups working together to promote, monitor, and leverage projects for the sustainable development of the city. Driven by a focus on qualified information, Rio’s Pact will collect and distribute high quality data to support monitoring, continuous learning, engagement and mobilization, and develop projects using these diagnostics for best practice application.

The Brazil SDSN and Rio’s Pact are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Rio’s Pact provides a local implementation mechanism for the post-2015 agenda, focusing on urban development challenges and targeting the themes of the #UrbanSDG Campaign. The Brazil SDSN and global SDSN provide international perspectives, partnerships and opportunities to further expand the influence and impact of Rio’s Pact.

With the Skoll World Forum as an opportunity to showcase and share ideas, other countries expressed interest in the Rio’s Pact. The Social Progress Index could form an ideal model to structure and present IPP’s existing statistical data on the impact of projects in Rio’s communities.

Learn more about Rio’s Pact here (website in Portuguese) or email pactodorio@gmail.com.