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The fifth round of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on the post-2015 agenda will present an opportunity for the international community to agree upon a follow-up and review mechanism for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the already agreed framework of a High Level Political Forum, the political process for follow-up and review will need to consider the complex thematic landscape of the SDGs, while acknowledging the diversity of national contexts, priorities and needs. The review architecture will also need to reflect the multiplicity of stakeholders that will have to be mobilized to ensure the implementation of the SDGs. A coordinated set of review processes conducted on the national, regional and global levels, and with input from expert thematic communities, will be instrumental in facilitating mutual accountability, encouraging learning, and helping identify progress and gaps in implementation.

SDSN, ODI, and the Missions of Mexico and the UK, will co-host a side event aimed to inform the intergovernmental negotiations on the follow-up and review architecture. The discussion will draw upon SDSN’s draft Working Paper Follow-up and Review of the SDGs, as well as our final report on Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for the SDGs, as well as ODI’s report Establishing a workable follow-up and review process for the Sustainable Development Goals. Drawing on the recommendations from their publications SDSN and ODI speakers will outline their proposals for a global, evidence-based framework. Furthermore, they will highlight the linkages between the follow-up and review process and discussions on indicators, data and monitoring of the SDGs, and the resulting implications for the timelines of both processes. Member States representatives will reflect on the lessons learnt from the existing review mechanisms that could benefit the SDGs follow-up and review process.


  • Melinda Bohannon, Deputy Director, Post-2015 Development Goals, Department for International Development, United Kingdom (Chair)
  • Dámaso Luna, Deputy Director General for Global Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico
  • Jessica Espey, Program Leader, Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • Claire Melamed, Director- Growth, Poverty and Inequality, Overseas Development Institute
  • Ana Luiza Cortez, Chief, Committee for Development Policy Secretariat, United Nations Secretariat (TBC)


Date & Time: Monday, May 18, 2015 at 1:15pm-2:30pm
Location: Conference Room 7 in the UNHQ Conference Building

1:15pm: Chair’s introductory remarks- United Kingdom
1:20pm: Essential components for an effective evidence-based SDG review mechanism- ODI
1:30pm: A global follow-up and review architecture- SDSN
1:40pm: Lessons learnt from global review processes- Reflections from the Committee on Development Policy
1:50pm: Lessons learned from national and regional review processes – Mexico
2:00-2:30pm: Q&A

For more information about this event, please contact Jessica Espey, SDSN’s Program Leader on Monitoring and Accountability for Sustainable Development.