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In October 2014, SDSN launched the “Needs Assessment for the SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development” project. The project responds to the need for a more rigorous costing of what it will take to produce the statistical indicators for monitoring the SDGs. The exercise costs a core set of statistical instruments for the production of the new SDG indicators and other data improvements called for by the UN Secretary General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution in their report A World That Counts. The goal is to produce a report as input to the Financing For Development (FFD) conference due to take place in Addis in July 2015, when significant decisions are expected to be made on the financing needs of countries in the context of the post-2015 agenda. Recognition of the additional financial support needed for statistical systems in developing countries should be an important outcome of this event.

The project is led by the SDSN and a team composed of representatives from the Center for Global Development, Gates Foundation, ONE campaign, Open Data Watch, Paris21, Simon Fraser University, UN Foundation, and World Bank.

Download the draft report here.


On March 2, 2015, SDSN will co-host a Workshop Side Event during the UN Statistical Commission Meetings entitled “Financial Needs Assessment for SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development.” The UN Statistical Commission meetings during March 2-6 bring together the National Statistical Office (NSO) heads and key managers from UN agencies and international organizations. This occasion provides a great opportunity for the Needs Assessment team to introduce the work done, engage with the NSO managers and other stakeholders, and get feedback and buy-in.

  • Shaida Badiee, Managing Director and Co-founder, Open Data Watch
  • Grant Cameron, Manager, Development Data Group, World Bank
  • Jessica Espey, Program Leader, SDSN
  • Alex Fischer, Program Manager, CIESIN
  • Attila Hancioglu, Global Coordinator, Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS), UNICEF
  • Morten Jerven, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Johannes Jütting, Manager, PARIS21 Marc Levy, Deputy Director, CIESIN
  • Eric V. Swanson, Managing Director and Co-founder, Open Data Watch