Pratham Virtual Open Schools is a Solutions Initiative launched by Pratham, India’s largest education NGO, in partnership with the SDSN as a 2 year pilot aimed at providing high quality education content and teaching to children who have dropped out or are struggling within the education system. The project, launched in June this year has opened 4 centers in the Indian state of Rajasthan where over 120 children in the age group of 14-18 years gather thrice a week to learn English and Math through virtual classes run on Skype and offered by teachers in different parts of the country. The virtual teaching is supplemented with online content and quizzes that allow children to practice and learn at their own pace.

In its initial stage, the project seeks to identify the best pedagogical and operational model to provide high quality content and teaching to children without access to either currently. The goal over these 2 years is to reach 1500-2000 students across 20 centers, both urban and rural.

The project aims to identify a scaleable and replicable model of high quality teaching that can reach the out-of-school child population in India- currently estimated at about 14 million children. To learn more, check out the Facebook page and sign up for regular updates here.