September 21, 2014 | By Maria Gallucci

Climate experts say for a global climate strategy to have a significant impact, countries need to commit to at least two overarching measures: First, unprecedented investment in low-carbon electricity, transportation and fuel. And second, a price on carbon dioxide emissions, which would make it costlier to extract and burn coal, oil and natural gas. Nations have implemented these policies to varying degrees, but the world has yet to bring these approaches to a massive scale.

The first point, investing in technology, is critical because many of the low-carbon options that countries need to reduce their emissions are not yet mature or cheap enough to replace fossil fuel-dependent energy systems, said Emmanuel Guerin, who directs the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project at the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

“There are massive research, development and deployment efforts that need to be done to bring these technologies to deployment at scale and on time,” he said in an interview.

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