Welcome to our February Newsletter!

Draft SDSN Indicator Report Open for Public Consultation Until March 14th

On February 14, the SDSN launched the draft report Indicators for Sustainable Development Goals for public consultation through to March 14. The draft report presents a framework of 100 indicators for the post-2015 agenda, drawing on the 10 goals and 30 targets presented in the Action Agenda for Sustainable Development. We seek your help with comments and creativity to improve and complete the proposed indicator framework. Full details of the public consultation are available here.

Other new publications from the SDSN

New data on marine litter from the Plastic Busters team

Plastic Busters is an SDSN Solutions Initiative working to monitor the impact and reduction of marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea and promote policies to reduce plastic pollution. The project’s research team has recently published two papers presenting new data the impacts of marine litter on different species. Click to read more.

SDSN at Delhi Sustainable Development Summit

The 14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit was held on February 6-8, organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in New Delhi, India. At the Summit, Jeffrey Sachs announced the SDSN South Asian Regional Hub. Video gallery of the Summit’s sessions can be viewed here.

SDSN Website Relaunched

We have launched a redesigned website: unsdsn.org. We hope you will find the website informative and user friendly.

SDSN in the Media

Young Soo-Gil in The Korea Times – ‘Higher electricity rate needed for reduction of carbon dioxide’ – February 26, 2014

SDSN in The New Times – Rwandan varsities challenged to promote home based solutions – February 25, 2014

Jonathan Rose in State of the Planet blog – Riding the Sustainability Wave – February 18, 2014

Jeffrey Sachs in Project Syndicate – From Moscow to Sochi – February 17, 2014

Andrew Steer in PBS NewsHour (video) – Can the U.S. compel global collaboration on climate change? -February 17, 2014

Paul Polman in Scientific American – Stopping Deforestation Makes Business Sense – February 12, 2014

Francs Beinecke in New York Times Opinion – Cut Carbon Pollution – February 11, 2014

Paul Polman in The Telegraph – ‘Responsible business can solve the world’s challenges’ – February 9, 2014

Christiana Figueres in The Huffington Post – Why Davos Has Left Me With the Feeling That 2014 Is the Year the World Can and Must Rise to the Climate Challenge – January 28, 2014

Upcoming Events

  • March 17 – Brazil SDSN Launch | Rio, Brazil
  • March 18 – Amazon SDSN Launch | Manaus, Brazil
  • March 18 – Preparatory meeting for SDSN China convened by President of Tsinghua University | Beijing, China
  • March 30 – April 3 – Capacity Building Workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals | Ilorin, Nigeria | Click to view the Call for Nominations
  • May 7-8 – Caribbean SDSN Launch | Kingston, Jamaica
  • May 15-16 – SDSN Leadership Council meeting | Beijing, China
  • August 25-30 – 5th Annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit (ISDS) | Ibadan, Nigeria | Click to view the announcement letter
  • September 17-18 – Sustainable Development Solutions Conference organized with MDP Consortium | New York, USA
  • September 19-20 – SDSN Leadership Council meeting | New York, USA

News from Our Partners

  • On March 4 the German Development Institute is organizing an afternoon event on the German energy transition (“Energiewende”) in the global context: Lessons and pitfalls for low-carbon transformations.
  • The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has just released a policy brief Climate Proofing Indian Cities: A Policy Perspective outlining emerging opportunities and recommendations for Indian cities in fostering climate resilient development.
  • On February 4, Bineta Diop, Founder and President of Femmes Africa Solidarité (FAS), was appointed as Special Envoy for Women, Peace and Security by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission at the 22nd African Union Assembly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • On February 1, Prince Albert II of Monaco was named the global winner of the prestigious Zayed International Prize for the Environment Award for the work of his Prince Albert II Foundation, which has supported a wide range of sustainable causes all over the world.
  • The World Engineering Conference on Sustainable Infrastructures (WECSI 2014) will be held in Abuja, Nigeria from November 2-7, 2014. Papers from SDSN members will be accepted until the end of February 2014.
  • The Environment Research Center at the University of Technology (ERC-UoT) in Baghdad (Iraq) organized a Conference on “Environment and Sustainable Development” on December 29-30, 2013. The conference proposed to establish a Sustainable Neighborhood (SN) In Baghdad.