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Launch of SDSN SE Asia and Indonesia

SDSN Indonesia launch eventThe SDSN Southeast Asia Regional Network was launched by the President of Indonesia, Susilo  Bambang Yudhyono, on Oct 6, 2013, in Bali, Indonesia, during the APEC Summit. The Minister of Tour ism and Creative Economy for Indonesia, Mari Pangestu, also a member of the SDSN Leadership Council, and Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs were present along with high level officials and researchers from across the region. Also launched by the President was a National SDSN for Indonesia. The theme of the International Conference was Tri Hita Karana, signifying the Balinese philosophy of achieving harmony and balance between nature, humans, and god. Click here to read more.

Launch of SDSN Malaysia 

The SDSN Malaysia chapter was launched on Oct 10th, 2013 by Mr. P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister of Education, Government of Malaysia. His speech has been made available online. Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the SDSN and Director of The Earth Institute, Columbia University and Prof. Zakri Abdul Hamid, Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia were also present. Click here to read more.

Malaysia SDSN launch event

Launch of SDSN Korea Forum (SDSN-Korea) 

The SDSN Korea Forum (SDSN-Korea) was launched in Seoul on 7 October 2013 with strong participation by senior officials and researchers. During the public launch a congratulatory message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was delivered. The SDSN-Korea is chaired by Prof. Soogil Young, a member of the SDSN Leadership Council, and will focus on Solutions Initiatives for Korea and educational programs. Click here to read more.

SDSN Launches Campaign for an Urban SDG

There is widespread agreement that urbanization will play a central role in sustainable development over the coming decades, but no consensus exists on how to address urban issues in the design of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDSN report “An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development” proposes a stand-alone urban goal. Together with many partner organizations the SDSN has launched a Campaign for an Urban SDG and prepared a brief document outlining the rationale for such a goal.

SDSN Deep Decarbonization Pathway Project Launched

The SDSN Korea Forum hosted the kick-off meeting of the Deep Decarbonization Pathway Project in Seoul on October 12 and 13, 2013. The project mobilizes energy and climate modeling experts from 11 countries or regions (Australia, Brazil, China, European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, the United States of America), covering more than 70% of global CO2 emissions to prepare long-term, transparent decarbonization pathways that in aggregate will be consistent with the 2°C goal.  The project will issue a preliminary report to the UN Secretary General in preparation for the September 2014 World Leaders Climate Summit. A final report will be submitted to the French government to support a successful outcome of the 2015 UNFCCC COP21 in Paris. Click here to read more.

Technology Platform Initiative – Thematic Group for Education 

The SDSN Education Group has started the feasibility study for a Technology Platform Initiative in India. This SDSN Solution Initiative aims to use ICT to develop a model for the large-scale provision of quality secondary level education in remote rural areas. The feasibility study is being conducted with help from Pratham, India’s largest education NGO.

SDSN Supports Future Earth 

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network is supporting Future Earth, the global research program for science for sustainability. The SDSN will be represented by Guido Schmidt-Traub on the Future Earth Interim Engagement Committee, which will advise Future Earth on its research agenda. The recently released Future Earth Design Report outlines the research agenda and structure of Future Earth.

Rio Sustainability Initiative 

The Rio Sustainability Initiative, based at the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), held its second workshop on October 24, 2013. Click here to read more.

SDSN at the Rio+20 to 2015 Conference

On November 1 and 2, 2013, several SDSN members participated in a conference jointly hosted by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies entitled Rio+20 to 2015: A New Architecture for a Sustainable New World. Frances Beinecke (NRDC), Christiana Figueres (UNFCCC), Emmanuel Guerin (SDSN), Amina Mohamed (UN), Pavan Sukhdev (GIST Advisory), Jeffrey Sachs (SDSN), and Laurence Tubiana (IDDRI) shared thoughts on how to integrate commitments and partnerships into the architecture of both the next climate change agreement and the SDGs.

SDSN in the Media

Upcoming Events

  • VCC NRC SDSN Shared Use of Mining-Related Infrastructure Expert Workshop: New York, 15 November 2013
  • Q&A with Jeffrey D. Sachs on his Kapuscinski Lecture on Sustainable Development (video): Online (Worldwide), 11 December 2013, 8:00 EST/13:00 GMT/14:00 CET. More information at kapuscinskilectures.eu.
  • The Role of Science & Technology in Sustainable Development – Conference organized for Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals: New York, 16 December
  • Gaidar Forum: Moscow, 15-17 January
  • Sahel SDSN Launch Event: January 2014
  • South Asia SDSN Launch Event: February 2014
  • Amazon SDSN Launch Event: Manaus, March 2014

News From Our Partners

On October 25, 2013, the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS) hosted the launch of the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change’s most recent publication: “Executive Summary of GT2: Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation in the Face of Climate Change”. Click here to read more.