The SDSN Report Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems report was recently featured in an article by Sarah DeWitt writes,

Answers to these tough questions and solutions for present-day challenges require new strategies, the report’s authors explain. “In the absence of change towards a new, shared global framework for sustainable development of agriculture and food systems, a Business-As-Usual (BAU) trajectory would have severe implications for food and nutritional security, economic and social development, public health as well as environmental sustainability.” The report describes challenges of hidden hunger, rural poverty, drudgery, urban and rural nutrition insecurity, soil depletion and drought. Spatial, cultural and gender inequalities in farming are also noted as areas for improvement.   . . .

The report offers context-specific example solutions meant to spark conversation and strategy for solution development and information sharing going forward. As specific countries employ adaptations of these examples, SDSN intends to highlight those initiatives throughout implementation.

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