An article by Jan Piotrowski in SciDev.Net covers the TG Report Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. Piotrowski writes:

Achim Dobermann, the deputy director-general for research at the International Rice Research Institute, in the Philippines, and co-chair of the SDSN group on agriculture, says that recent increases in agricultural research investment by the private sector are no substitute for public funding.
This is because commercially driven research tends to ignore many essential areas, such as environmental impact and agronomy, he says.

“All of these are ‘bread and butter’ areas, but, as they are not attractive to private sector, public funding must take the lead,” he tells SciDev.Net.
Increasing yields while minimising environmental harm is one of the greatest challenges facing agriculture and will require the use of a more tailored, knowledge-intensive system, the report says.

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