SDSN Director Jeffrey Sachs explains in a new piece in the Columbia Daily Spectator that “On Thursday and Friday of this week, world leaders in sustainable development will convene at Columbia’s Earth Institute for a key meeting of the new United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.” About this meeting,  Sachs says that “We at Columbia are privileged to host the SDSN, and know that students throughout the University can play a key role in supporting its work.”

Sachs explains that the key to understand and to find solutions for sustainable development is to have a holistic approach: “The SDSN aims to unlock solutions in a way consistent with new global networking, crowd-sourcing, and open-source problem-solving. The SDSN is engaged in creating a system of universities, think tanks, NGOs, and cutting-edge businesses in all parts of the world that will work with national, regional, and local governments to take on these complicated challenges. Dozens of universities have already joined in recent months. With the launches of SDSN chapters in South America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Ethiopia, the West African Sahel, and more, we expect the network to include hundreds, if not thousands, of educational and research institutions very soon.”

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