On August 27th Project Syndicate carried an op-ed by Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs on the MDGs and SDGs:

“As Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on the MDGs since 2001 (to Kofi Annan until 2006, and to Ban Ki-moon since 2007), I have seen how seriously many African governments take the [MDG] targets, using them to set priorities, catalyze stakeholders, increase public awareness and motivation, and hold ministries accountable. Over time, the UN and the high-income countries’ donor agencies increasingly used the MDGs to help organize their own work in Africa as well. While the MDGs are not the only factor underpinning the improvements since 2000, they have played a huge role. . . .

“The SDGs should build on the MDGs. The MDGs helped to cut global extreme poverty by more than half. The SDGs should take on the challenge of ending extreme poverty for good. The World Bank, to its credit, has already adopted the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. UN member states should do the same.”

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