The SDSN was featured in the May 16, 2013 edition of Nature. The article says:

The group proposed ten new Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years, each with three draft targets. Some of the language is vague and some of the goals sound like platitudes. But drill down only a little and there are some well-informed suggestions. And some brave ones: a “rapid voluntary reduction of fertility” to address overpopulation, and reform of business accounting and tax regimes among them.

Perhaps most importantly, the draft goals fuse the economic and environmental agendas in a way that the Millennium Development Goals do not. The measure of a national economy, the goals say, is meaningless without a sense of how that bottom line has been achieved, and how it affects people and the planet. The economic currency of gross domestic product, for so long used as a benchmark of a country’s performance, could be tweaked to include social indicators and how well a country respects environmental criteria, such as the concept of planetary boundaries that should not be exceeded.

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