SDSN Report submitted to Secretary-General
On Thursday, June 6, the SDSN Leadership Council submitted its report An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The report draws on the work of the SDSN Thematic Groups. An earlier draft of the report was available for public consultation from 7 to 22 May 2013. We are very grateful for the hundreds of detailed comments received. A summary of the consultation is available here. We hope this report will be helpful in the inter-governmental processes on the Sustainable Development Goals and in the lead-up to the special session of the UN General Assembly on the MDGs on September 25.

Nigeria SDSN Launched
The Senior Special Assistant to the President on the MDGs, Dr. Precious Gbeneol, formally launched the NSDSN on May 7th in Abuja, calling it “a unique opportunity to create solutions and transformational changes” for Nigeria. The NSDSN is a consortium of Nigerian universities working to address the challenges of sustainable development in Nigeria and is committed to the promotion of sustainable development through teaching, learning, research, and outreach activities. Jeffrey Sachs gave the keynote address, highlighting the important role that universities have to play for sustainable development – his presentation can be found on our website. For more information on the NSDSN visit

Leadership Council Members Join General Assembly Debate
Johan Rockström, Jeffrey Sachs, Laurence Tubiana, and Zhou Dadi gave presentations at the United Nations General Assembly during the Thematic Debate on Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Practical Solutions in the Energy-Water Nexus. Slides from the presentations by Rockström and Sachs can be found on our website.

Rio Sustainability Workshop
The SDSN “Sustainable Cities Initiative” will hold its first workshop in Rio de Janeiro on June 24th. The workshop, organized by the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development, will feature 4 panels with speakers on city governance, sanitation and infrastructure, urban mobility, and urban use planning. A press conference launching the SDSN will take place in connection with the workshop.

New Papers Published
The Sustainable Cities Thematic Group submitted a paper entitled The Urban Opportunity: Enabling Transformative and Sustainable Development to the High Level Panel on May 20. The paper supports the adoption of a Sustainable Development Goal on cities.

The Thematic Group on the Challenges of Social Inclusion submitted a background paper to the High Level Panel entitled Women’s role in economic development: Overcoming the constraints. This short paper highlights the important role women have in economic development and addresses three questions: what is the evidence base to support investing in women? What are the current constraints on realizing the full potential of women? What interventions are necessary to unblock these constraints?

Upcoming Events
• Rio Sustainability Workshop: Rio de Janeiro, 24 June
• Mediterranean SDSN Solutions Conference: Siena, 3-5 July
• China launch of the SDSN: Guiyang and Beijing, around 22 July
• Global MDP Conference: New York, 6-8 September
• Third meeting of the SDSN Leadership Council: New York, 19-20 September
• Indonesia Launch of the SDSN: 6 October
• Malaysia Launch of the SDSN: Mid-October

Questions or Comments?
We welcome your questions or comments on our work. Please get in touch with us by writing to

Guido Schmidt-Traub
Executive Director, SDSN