High-Level Panel

The SDSN participated in last week’s HLP meeting in Bali and gave a presentation to the panelists. Three new briefing notes for the HLP are now available online: Development and Climate Finance, Sustainable Development and Planetary Boundaries, and Structural Transformations Towards Sustainable Development. All other SDSN background notes are also available online.

Rio Sustainability Initiative Announced

On 18 March, Israel Klabin, President of the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS), announced the launch of the Rio Sustainability Initiative under the SDSN. Dr. Klabin described the project as working towards “a model city for the future which could serve as inspiration for other cities worldwide.”

Call for Proposals on Solutions Initiatives in the Mediterranean Region

The University of Siena will convene a public conference on “Sustainable Development Solutions for the Mediterranean Region” in Siena, Italy. The university has launched a public call for proposals for solutions initiatives in the Mediterranean region. We welcome submissions from around the world. The most promising ones will be invited to present at the conference, which will bring together a unique combination of high-level experts, policy makers, managers, civil society leaders, academics, and students from key Mediterranean institutions.

Klaus Leisinger, Horst Köhler, Jeffrey Sachs, and Dirk Messner at the event.SDSN Launch Events

Thank you to those who came out for our launch events in Paris and Berlin last week! We enjoyed the great discussions and look forward to collaborating.

Upcoming Events
  • Second meeting of the SDSN Leadership Council: New York, 9-10 April
  • Nigeria launch of the SDSN: Abuja, 6-7 May
  • Sweden launch of the SDSN: Stockholm, 13 May
  • Australia Regional Meeting: Melbourne, 13-14 May
  • Mediterranean SDSN Solutions Conference: Siena, 3-5 July
  • China launch of the SDSN: Guiyang and Beijing, around 22 July
  • Global MDP Conference: New York, 6-8 September
  • Third meeting of the SDSN Leadership Council: New York, 19-20 September

Questions or Comments?

We welcome your questions or comments on our work. Please get in touch with us by writing to info@unsdsn.org. 

Guido Schmidt-Traub

Executive Director, SDSN