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Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Dr. Prabhjot Singh recently published an article on the One Million Community Health Workers (CHWs) Campaign on the Center For Global Health and Diplomacy’s website. The 1 Million CHWs Campaign is one of the SDSN’s first Solutions Initiatives.

In poor, rural settings, the visit of a Community Health Worker, who is part of a larger healthcare system, can be life saving. Experience has shown that one CHW can cover around 100 households, visiting each every 60-90 days. With an average of five people per household in rural Africa, one million CHWs can cover – to a rough approximation – the 500 million or so population of rural sub-Saharan Africa.

The One Million Campaign takes as its premise that the rapid scale-up of CHWs organized as a system is now possible. The Campaign has five aims: To upgrade existing CHW programs, to carry out national enumeration of CHWs, to measure progress through MDG-linked indicators, to close gaps on shortfalls to systematic healthcare, and to provide international support and financing for national efforts.

More information is available on the Campaign’s website.