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Liz Moyer is a Program Manager at the SDSN Association, in which she manages the startup of the SDG Center of Excellence for Africa, an intergovernmental institution that supports SDG implementation in the African region; and manages the SDG Academy course development and partnerships. She is an empathy-driven development practitioner who has over nine years of experience in applied research and social policy with a focus on community-driven development. In 2015, she led the research, writing and design of the SDSN flagship report, Getting Started with the Sustainable Development Goals: A guide for stakeholders. From 2011 to 2015 Liz provided management and consultancy services to grassroots nonprofit organizations, The Hunger Project (2014, NYC) and Harambee Youth Kenya (2011-2012, Nairobi); startup social enterprises, Timerepublik (2014-2015, NYC) and Minkay (2014, Bogota); and a public affairs management firm, The Winter Group (2012, Harrisburg).

Liz holds a Master of Public Administration in Development Practice (MPA-DP) from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Latin from the Jesuit institution Saint Joseph’s University. She has a strong personal belief in the concept of healing – healing at the personal and systemic level. She looks forward to the challenge of collectively figuring out how to actualize sustainable development; for she knows this will be a lifelong journey and that her generation will never be bored with all the good work that needs to be done!