Gerard Nduwayo is an international consultant, specialized in peacebuilding, mediation and conflict transformation, transitional justice, gender and social inclusion. Recently, he was appointed as Head of Mission for a field training exercise of a multinational peacekeeping operation, consisting of 1290 military, police and civilian participants from 11 countries in Eastern and the Horn of Africa.

From 2012-2013, he worked as UN Senior Mediation Expert on the UN Department of Political Affairs Standby Team of Mediation Experts and assisted regional mediators in resolving conflicts in Central African Republic and in DRC, providing expertise in process design, security arrangements, power-sharing, ceasefire and gender. He carried out other missions including in Iraq and Kurdistan to provide expertise on mediation, gender and social inclusion.

Gerard was one of the negotiators in the Burundi peace process, and contributed in the ceasefire talks in 2003 as well as the discussions on the post-transition constitution that led to democratic and post-conflict elections in 2005. As a member of the Executive Board of the International Monitoring Committee for the Implementation of the Arusha Peace Agreement, he interacted with regional mediators and the transitional government to stabilize political situation in Burundi.

A former diplomat, Gerard Nduwayo served in Burundi as Adviser to the President of the Republic and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He earned a Diplome of 3eme cycle in Fundamental Rights of University of Nantes, a degree in international relations and a B.A in History from the University of Burundi. He has also taught contemporary history at University of Lake Tanganyika.